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Car AC Regas Gold Coast

Car AC Regas

Car AC Regas

Car AC Regas Gold Coast Service

Jack Frost provides an affordable and complete Car AC Regas and Repairs service for the Gold Coast area. The best way to maintain your system is through an annual service by a vehicle air conditioning technician using specialized equipment.

Jack Frost are fully equipped with the latest state of the art vehicle air conditioning system servicing equipment and our car AC and auto electric technicians have undergone extensive specialized training.

Our Car AC Service Checklist:

  • Identify the type of gas in the system
  • Recover all refrigerant from the system
  • Remove and replace the receiver/dryer unit if necessary
  • Check condition of the compressor, condenser and all hoses
  • Check condition of all wiring harnesses
  • Dry nitrogen pressure test system, checking for leaks
  • Vacuum system with two stage high flow pump
  • Test system is holding vacuum
  • Recharge with R134A refrigerant to vehicle specifications
  • Test system operation, pressures, condenser fan operation, blower fan operation and vent temperature Service
Car AC Repairs
  • Diagnose and Repair all air conditioning problems
  • Car AC Regassing
  • Repair climate control systems
  • Eliminate bad odours & bacteria from inside cabin
  • Repair and modify all hoses and pipes including aluminium / copper / steel – we can make hoses on site
  • Condenser thermos fans
  • Cabin blower motor & fan speed resistor
  • Replace cabin filters
Car AC Compressors
  • We install new and reconditioned compressors with full manufactures warranty
  • We repair clutch coils, clutches and bearings, and compressor pulley bearings
Car AC Hose & Pipes

We repair and modify all hoses and pipes including aluminium/steel – we can make hoses on site

Car AC Custom Work
  • We can provide a solution to suit any custom job that is required.