24 Point Car AC Inspection

24 Point Car Air Conditioning Inspection North Gold Coast

Jack Frost provides a comprehensive mobile 24 point car air conditioning inspection for all types of vehicles for the North Gold Coast Region. 

This check is crucial and a must to determine the current condition and performance of your A/C system. Proper and regular preventive maintenance in your car A/C system contributes to effective and efficient operation and helps to prolong air conditioning components life, possibly helping consumers to avoid future failures and more costly repairs.

24 Point Car Air Conditioning Check List

What happens if a problem is discovered?

After we have performed our comprehensive 24 point car air conditioning check and we determine there is a leak or a serious problem with one of the components we will identify and determine what is required to rectify the problem and provide a quote to repair.

Most common issues include but not limited to:

  • Leaks in hoses and A/C components,
  • Faulty or Broken A/C Components
  • Dirty / Worn Cabin Filters
  • General wear and tear

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